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Here is our team of dilliwalas/ history buffs/ volunteers/ walk leaders/ ramblers/ explorers…call us what you like. We love history, we love our city and we love to talk while we walk.

Rajesh Ranjan, the man with the idea and the inspiration. He was the mind behind Delhi Heritage Walks. With his untimely demise, our team lost its pivot, but the motivation remains.

Kanika Singh loves ruins and old buildings & as she says, the more ruinous, the better! A research scholar in history, Kanika loves exploring Delhi’s heritage. All she needs is an audience and then you are in for a 2 hr lecture, at least!

Chhavi Sharma is a teacher of history & an amateur photographer. She has the distinction of being the only archaeologist among our midst! A pakka dilliwala who spends her time walking around Delhi and capturing history on lens.

Awadhesh Tripathi an academic, explorer & storyteller rolled into one! An expert on Hindi literature, he weaves folklore with history & humour & leaves you hungry for more.

Moby Zachariah, her love of history and nature brought her back to leading heritage walks, after a degree in management. People call her mad for leaving the corporate world & like she puts it ‘Yes, I am mad…for history!'

Niti Deoliya is a student of sociology and history. She is crazy for the city & is a tireless explorer. Rain, hail, storm, she walks on & on, never tiring. The youngest member of the team, she is already an inspiration.

Our logistics are handled by Snehlata Mandal, Kavita Singh, Pushpa Mandal and Naveen Bhartiya who take turns to do the donkey work: the website, the blog, the photographs, the recce trips and the research. They are the team behind the success of each walk.

Join our team…if you love to explore Delhi…enjoy interacting with people…are keen to share your experience of Delhi’s heritage with others… Submit Your Profile